Sexual Assault: American Actor, Kevin Spacey in more trouble as 15th accuser surfaces

American actor, Kevin Spacey, is having one of the toughest times in his career following a series of sexual assault charges which has been leveled against him.

The American actor today witnessed the confession of the fifteenth man who accused him of sexual misconduct.

In an interview conducted by USA Today, the accuser, a director identified as Andy Holtzman, claims the actor attempted to sexually assault him in 1981.

Holtzman reported that he was 27 at the time and was working at the New York Shakespeare Festival’s Public Theater.

Holtzman in the interview stated that Spacey, who was 22 at the time walked into his office and grabbed him.

He said: “Within minutes, wordlessly, he was up and all over me.”

Holtzman added: “The aggression was certainly more than a grope. When I was finally able to push him off and scream (at him), he theatrically stepped back, incredibly angry, grabbed his coat and bag, stormed out and slammed the door.”

Kevin Spacey has been accused of other allegations including assault made by men who claimed to have been in their early teens as at when the incident happened.