Senator Magnus Abe: How Wike was disgraced in Edo State

Senator Magnus Abe: How Wike was disgraced in Edo State
Member representing Rivers South East constituency of Rivers State at the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Abe, has berated Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike over the outcome of the Edo State guber elections which was won by the APC nominee, Godwin Obaseki, last week.

Speaking during an APC rally in Andoni on Sunday, said:

“Governor Wike invested more than N3 billion from the lean resources of the state to support the PDP in Edo state.

“He was thinking he would be in Gokana and they will announce the results of Edo and he will be dancing there. He set up his canopy and we took our own canopy to Andoni land. Both of us were waiting for the news and what was the news? – APC won.

“God will continue to disgrace them. He goes about lying,deceiving people,causing violence, wasting money. Money that we could have used to pay salaries,work on the Obolo road,pay pensions of Rivers people, he packed all the money to Edo state and went to Gokana to go and wait for the result. He doesn’t know that the things that God can do,money cannot undo them.

““My problem with the Governor is that he plays politics with everything. He plays politics with education,health, politics with politics,roads etc. The reason he was in Gokana today is because he thought that the money they had sent to Edo will bring the result they anticipated. And so, he went to Gokana to go and celebrate over the victory that he thought he had paid for. He didn’t know that the people of Edo state cannot be bought.

“If they want to reconstruct a road, is it on live television that you need to go and flag off the reconstruction of a road that is fully in use? He is playing politics with everything and as usual God in His infinite mercies has disgraced him and his politics today.

“So, the happiest group of Nigerians today is not the people of Edo State. It is the people of Rivers State who now know that it is possible to actually have a contest of PVC against PVC,not PVC against Ak47. And that in a contest of PVC against PVC,the All Progressives Congress (APC) will win.”