Senate Is Not For Young People – Ex-Plateau Governor, Jonah Jang

A former Plateau State Governor, now a serving Senator, Jonah Jang, 73, has stated during a radio program on Jay 101.9FM in Jos yesterday February 3rd stated that the Nigerian senate is not for young people.

Jonah Jang while fielding questions during the radio program stated that he is not ready to retire from Politics just yet, even as he’s past the age of 70.

He stated that young people will not handle the affairs well in the Senate and House of Representatives.

He said: “Senate is the place for elders. The house of reps (representatives) is for young people. So, senate in any country is not meant for young people.

“Don’t have any heart attack. In Hausa they call it ‘Majalisan Dattijei.’ Dattijei means elders, The assembly of elders. The elders are supposed to be in the senate.”

The former governor of Plateau state also added during the program, “I enjoy what is happening in the house of reps.”

He added that the representatives are “bubbling with youthful exuberance and when they bring things, then we look at it as elders.

“But all the same, we have some few young people in the senate who are learning very fast.

“We are not saying that it (the senate) is closed to young people altogether. There are certain people that come as stars, you can’t rule out that. We have seen Macron in France.”