See what a dude did to stranded girl he helped at bar yesterday

See what a dude did to stranded girl he helped at bar yesterday

This purported true life incident took place on Sunday 16 October 2016. According to my Facebook friend who wrote the story:

Yesterday was a very wonderful day and I stepped out to give myself a treat like I normally do every Sunday. There is a cool lounge I normally go chill out every Sunday alone and I am very use to the place.

Yesterday when I was there to chill and watch a match, take pepper soup and my special wine, I observed a certain lady siting alone on one side. At first I honestly didn’t pay any attention to the Lady because I felt she was waiting for someone. Over an hour went by and she was still there alone and what made me start wondering was the fact that she took just a bottle of malt for over one hour.

Somehow I went to ease myself and on my way back I just tried to greet her and when she responded nice I asked her to join me on in my table. I then offered her wine, peppersoup and stuffs which she accepted and was grateful then we talked at length and she told me how she traveled down to give her boyfriend a surprise visit because his birthday is today but when she got to his place, she found her bf has another lady which almost caused a big fight but she avoided it by just leaving and all. Because of the timing she was stranded because she only have money that could take her back to school but then she doesn’t have were to pass the night because it was late.

To cut the long story short, after everything, I took her to a hotel, paid a night for her in a comfortable room and also gave her N10k to hold just incase of anything. I didn’t enter the hotel room for anything, I did everything at the reception and when she asked for my number I declined giving her. She also pleaded I take her number but I also declined and she was shocked. I left and went my way and I know she is probably OK and on her way back to school.

I know some ladies think these things don’t happen and every guy will want to go inbetween your legs before they help you. There are guys that will even do more than I did without thinking of anything.

Dearies, what’s your take on this story? Do men like this really still exist.