See the new method “native doctors” employ to scam people nowadays

See the new method "native doctors" employ to scam people nowadays

These conmen floating everywhere have invented yet another method to empty people of their pockets, dearies beware. According to the e-mail a blog reader sent me this morning:

Somtoo please post this. So, a friend got a call from a man whose voice sounded like a very old man’s and d man claimed someone brought her name to him in Ife, that the person that brought the name wants him to cast some voodoo on her… and that he wants to do her a favour and not go through with it because he’s “Awo funfun” ( White priest I guess ) but he’s going to need some things to appease the “gods” b4 he can reveal the person who brought her name. He started listing everything he’s going to need and it amounted to #68000… at some point before he started listing we kinda suspected he’s a fraud (I was with my friend and d phone was on loudspeaker) he sternly warned my friend not to tell anyone else. Long story short the man insisted she send him the money dsame day, that he doesn’t have a bank account but he’s son does and he’s gonna tell him to send it as soon as they ended the call… anyways before my friend ended the call, I said 419 and I think he hrd me and hasn’t send any account number since. The issue is my friend knw he’s a fraud but she’s still a little bit scared because of the whole voodoo drama. Has anyone ever received this kinda phone call?