Sad lady laments: My man flogs me like a kid

Sad lady laments: My man flogs me like a kidFrom a female blog reader:

My man does not beat me like beat beat but he beat me in some kind of way. My man has never slapped me or hit me before,but he use to use belt to flog me,now you know that flogging is different from hitting or slapping . He does not flog me on my body but on my legs just to correct me, he ties my mouth with something so I don’t scream and have head ache according to him, he teaches me how to absorb pain. I have scars all over my legs but he still loves me like that. The most interesting part is that he sucks my toe and lick the scars whenever we are making love,he tells me how much he loves me. My problem is not the flogging but the fact that he does not want to propose to me, we have dated for 7 years now and my family is on my neck to get married . I talked about it last night and he told me that he was not ready, I asked him when he will be ready and he replied never. I don’t understand the never, then he got angry picked his belt and started flogging my legs again for asking a harmless question, after that he apologized and said I am too soft to be his wife, he said he needs a hard chick . I did not understand then I was asking further more questions, he got upset again and asked me to go ask my friends or goggle . That is why I am here . What does it mean to be a hard chick ? I want to be everything for him so he will marry me . Bom thanks for the platform, this is the only place I could run to for answers, I have been a fan since you guys started .