Russia Probe: US President, Trump To Release Explosive Memo

The United States President, Donald J. Trump, has moved to release an explosive memo in a bid to undermine and help his case in the ongoing Russia probe.

Washington is prepped up for the release of the explosive memo which is expected to be made available on Friday, February 2.

The memo is expected to reveal the alleged abuse of power in the ongoing FBI’s probe of Donald Trump’s election campaign.

Recall that the probe into Donald Trump’s election and possible participation of Russia in it has caused magnified tensions between the White House and the government’s premier law enforcement body.

The 45th US President to this extent is expected to approve the release of the memo according to a White House official on Thursday, February 1.

The White House official was quoted to have said: “the President is OK with” the memo’s publication.

The official further added that Trump would “probably” give Congress a green light on Friday for the release of the document which will show that the Justice Department and FBI are politicised, anti-Trump agencies.

The official added: “It’s in Congress’ hands after that.”

The memo, four page long was revealed to have been writted by the Republican lawmaker, Devin Nunes who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

The memo as further revealed purports to show the Justice Department and the FBI as deeply politicised, anti-Trump agencies.