Robert Mugabe’s Gucci Loving Wife, Grace, Caused His Downfall

Analysts have revealed that the downfall of the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, was caused by his over ambitious and combative wife, Grace Mugabe.

Analysts further revealed that the emergence of Grace Mugabe as the likely successor to the 93-year-old president is a step too far for the Zimbabwean Military.

Grace Mugabe who is 41 years younger than her husband was reported to have been a lightweight shopping addict adding that she became increasingly active in public some years ago with the aim of taking up her husband’s position.

Mugabe who has been taken into custody by the Zimbabwean military had last week sacked his wife’s arch rival, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The military was reported to have initiated the attack in order to stop the 52-year-old Grace Mugabe from becoming the Vice President of the country.

A director of the Centre for African Renaissance Studies at the University of South Africa, Shadrack Gutto told AFP: “The crisis has been triggered by Grace because she wanted to grab power and to have Mugabe remove a lot of people.”

He continued: “She overreached herself. She has done a lot to accelerate the removal of her husband from power.

“The military decided that enough is enough.”

Reports further revealed that Grace Mugabe’s political plans had the backings from the so-called G40, a group of young supporters that has earned a reputation for aggression.

Reacting to the military’s action, Knox Chitiyo, of the Chatham House think-tank said: “They had to act.”

He continued: “The Zimbabwean army feel they have the right to have a president they approve of.

“They had to act now before Grace was appointed as vice president at the ZANU-PF party congress next month. Grace’s team got within weeks of success.”

AFP reports that Grace Mugabe, “dubbed “Gucci Grace”, “The First Shopper” or even “DisGrace”, she showed her political mettle in 2014 with her campaign against then-vice president Joice Mujuru, who was a contender to succeed her husband.

“Grace launched sustained verbal attacks against Mujuru, accusing her of plotting to topple the president.

“Soon afterwards, Mujuru was ousted and later expelled from the ruling ZANU-PF party.

“But Grace’s attempt to neutralise Mnangagwa ended very differently — leaving her and her husband languishing under house arrest in Harare.

“Grace Mugabe’s confrontational approach and distant public image have brought her little popular affection in Zimbabwe.

“Despite that, her supporters have sought to popularise nicknames like “Dr Amai (Doctor Mother)” and “queen of queens”.

“In speeches, she had railed against anyone accused of disloyalty to the president, and her short temper hit the headlines in August when she allegedly assaulted a model who was with two of her sons at a South African hotel.

“Grace was granted diplomatic immunity and made a swift exit from the country.

“She once told a South African television programme that she is no longer concerned about what people think of her.”