Recession: See how scammers now operate as fake asthma patients

Recession: See how scammers now operate as fake asthma patients

Following the economic recession and subsequent recession in Nigeria, fraudsters have re strategized their methods in order to keep up with dwindling patronization around the country.

Read the story a blog reader experienced in Port Harcourt, Rivers State earlier this week:

On Monday I went to GRA to a salon. As I parked my car and got out, knocked on the salon gate and was about to enter, someone shouted, see oh the man is not well. I turned and saw a man slumped on the floor. He was wearing jeans, a t shirt and trainers. In his hand was a ventollin inhaler.

As a dr, I didn’t want to just keep going. So I gave the salon girl my bag and keys and went over to him. He was grunting but not the breathing pattern of an asthmatic. People had started gathering. So I picked up the inhaler shook it and found out it was empty. Being an asthmatic I had one in my bag and I brought it out with a smile on my face because at that point I knew the man was malingering.

I gave the inhaler to someone else and showed them how to pump it. With one puff near the mans mouth his breathing started regularising. Everyone was saying it’s a miracle bla bla bla. I just entered the salon. Because I knew if I just mentioned the man was faking, they would have beaten him die!!!

I’m sure if people weren’t around he would have robbed me. His face was so hardened. So pls everyone be careful. he must have collected about N5000 at that location