Read This Hilarious Story Of A Blog Reader Who Tried Using Love Portion On His Teacher/Crush

Read This Hilarious Story Of A Blog Reader Who Tried Using Love Portion On His Teacher/Crush

An NGLatest dearie shared the story of how his passion to get intimate with his home tutor landed him in trouble.

Read the story:

The year was 1999, i just finished my common entrance and was home waiting for our results. there was this teacher i had then, she takes me private lessons at home, a few years older than me. I’ve always liked her and most times fantasized about being in bed with her.
Ofcourse she likes me too, but only as a student. I told a friend of mine about about my feelings for my tutor. The friend being an apprentice to an Alfa promised to help me, he asked me to give him 40 naira. He promised to give me a ring, with that ring, i can make her do anything i wanted. i was able to get the money from my savings then.

He bought a local lead ring and a white egg, he made a little hole in the egg, we bent the ring and put it in the hole. then we buried it for 7 days in a dump site. cheesy (try this at your own peril, just make sure you use it on a soldier).
Got, my ring after 7 days. for the ring to work, i was to touch her with the it and thereby command her.

She came the next day, she noticed i was wearing a ring, she ordered me to pull it off my finger, which i did and gave it to her. for my mind, i believed the ring should work since she has touched it. Then i started smiling, she looked at me suprisingly and asked why i was smiling.
Instead of giving her and answer, i said, “je ka lo do ra wa” (let us go bleep ourselves). she asked me to repeat what i said, this i did with a more serious look on my face.

she replied me with a hot slap on my cheek, followed by serious beating. I could not fight back, i just kept begging. she later came to report me to dad. I got the beating of my life, fainted and woke up again. That act cost me my dreams of attending boarding school. (though i was later recalled to write the exams, which i failed woefully due to lack of preparation.)

Since then, i vowed not to venture into anything fetish. cut ties with my friend and faced my studis.