Ramadan fasting might have killed Shuaibu Amodu – son

Ramadan fasting might have killed Shuaibu Amodu - son
Abdul-Aziz Amodu, son of late former Super Eagles coach Shuaibu Amodu who died on Friday and was buried today, has spoken to the press for the first time since his father died.

His words:

“I just woke up this morning and saw someone rushed to the house to say that Shuaibu Amodu was dead. The person said I should tell my uncle. I asked if the person was talking about my father and he said yes; that it happened this morning.

“My last conversation with him was yesterday (Friday) morning. I was supposed to depart (for NYSC) this morning, so I called him over that. He didn’t pick my calls, but he called back. He said he was busy and that I should calm down. He said he would be in Okpella today (Saturday). He briefly said something about death because I knew Stephen Keshi and I asked of him. He said he (Keshi) had not been buried because he was not a Muslim and that if he died he would be buried immediately.

“He was not sick and was advanced in age. He had not been fasting in the last three years because of his health condition and I don’t know why he decided to fast this year. He was not particularly sick apart from sickness associated with aging.”