Psychic Predicts Doom For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Union

Following news of their engagement, an Australian Psychic named Kerrie Erwin has predicted doom for the relationship between Prince Harry and former actress, Meghan Markle, who became popular for her role as a paralegal in Television series, Suits.

The Australian psychic stated that the relationship between the prince and the former actress won’t last.

Kerrie Erwin while making an appearance on Sunday on the Sunrise program stated that the couple scheduled to marry next May will not last.

She said: “I do get [feelings of] a pregnancy for her next year. But actually I don’t think it’s going to last,’ she said. ‘I’d probably give it five years. I feel there is a lot of personal things going on between them because they’re two very strong individuals. Which is a sad thing. I wish them all the best. But it doesn’t look good.’