Principal, teachers suspended for flogging students

Coming after the viral video which surfaced online some days ago regarding a female student of Government Science Secondary School, Nassarawa-Eggon, who was being flogged by the Principal and three other officials of the school, the state government has announced the suspension of the affected officials.

Stating the disciplinary measure, the State Commissioner of Education, Mr. Tijjani Ahmed, while confirming the suspension of the school’s officials stated that the suspended officials have been relieved of their duties for a period of one month.

Further speaking to Northern City News, the state commissioner also added that corporal punishment has been banned in public schools across the 13 local government areas and 18 development areas of the state.

“We have constituted a committee to investigate the matter and report to the ministry in the next one week to enable the ministry to take appropriate action. Already, three staff members of the school including the Principal have been given a one-month suspension over their involvement in the corporal punishment pending the report of the committee set up by the ministry.”

Mr. Tijjani Ahmed further noted that his ministry has written to all public schools, informing their managements of the ban on corporal punishment adding that any teacher found meting out corporal punishment to students “would face disciplinary action.”

Teh added that “even if teachers would want to punish students for any offence, it should be minor punishment.”