Pretty daughter of my dad’s boss is pestering me for love, man cries out

Pretty daughter of my dad's boss is pestering me for love, man cries out

From a male blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous tho. well i’m an 18 year old guy who just turned 18 this year and i’m really good looking. I went to a party two months ago with my parents and my Dad introduced me to his boss and his daughter and the daughter and i got talking she said she wanted to be friends so we exchanged numbers and since then this girl has been disturbing me with constant calls and messages that she loves me and she cant do without me, She calls even at odd times of the night and its affecting my sleep cycle.i barely know this girl.i’ve tried every way possible to tell her she’s beautiful and all but i’m not interested and she still persists.This girl knows my house now and has been coming every weekend from ikoyi to Vi which is a long distance and telling my parents we are close friends.i’ve told my parents this girl is disturbing me with love messages but they said I should just humor her that she’s cute and I should give her a chance ?. The girl has offered me money and even wanting to buy me an iphone 7 but I’m content with the phone i have. Please how can i get this girl off my back and please keep in mind she’s my dads boss’ daughter i cant do anything drastic.