Press release on alleged starving inmates at Delta State Prison, Ogwashi Uku

Press release on alleged starving inmates at Delta State Prison, Ogwashi Uku
The Delta State Prison, Ogwashi Uku has released a statement in relation to the photos of malnourished-looking prisoners that went viral last weekend (see here).

The press release:

The prisoners whose photographs you have in your platform have been in prison custody since 29th of June, 2015 and 17th May, 2016 for stealing and attempted murder respectively. One presented a medical conditions diagnosed to be multiple organ failure arising from prolonged kidney problem while the other had a descended & enlarged scrotum.

The prison doctor and other medical staff in collaboration with the General Hospital Oguash-Uku and the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba have been managing the inmate with kidney failure since 10th of November, 2016 when the problem was first noticed. This is in line with our standard practice to refer complicated health challenges among prisoners to the nearest government hospital for expert care.

The condition has nothing to do with under feeding as some posts are insinuating. You may wish to note that there are about 731 inmates in the same prison who are hale and hearty receiving training in various workshops and classrooms. This is the mission to which the Nigerian Prisons Service is irrevocably committed.

It is relevant to state that good health is a privilege. Medical challenge can visit anyone irrespective of position and status. We feel those facing health complications should not be ridiculed as the inmates are now facing. The least perhaps should have been assisting in securing their release from the prison and supporting their treatment due to the complex nature of their condition.

Mgbakor Uche
CPRO, Delta State.