President Buhari’s son, Yusuf, involved in power bike accident

The son of the Nigerian president, Yusuf Buhari, has reportedly been involved in an accident which has reportedly left him unconscious.

According to reports, the accident occured in Abuja following a power bike crash leading to head injury and multiple fractures.

A relaible source while speaking to Daily Nigerian said the crash occured on the night of Tuesday when Yusuf was racing with a friend in the capital city.

The source stated: :Yusuf was trying to overtake his friend when he suddenly veered off the road and skidded. He lay there unconscious for a while before the first lady was alerted.”

The family source added: “She ordered that he be immediately rushed to Cedarcrest Hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment. We are more concerned about the head injury than the fractures. As I speak to you, Yusuf is unconscious.

“An air ambulance may take him out of the country any moment.”