Present-day Igbos are charlatans and inept thinkers – Presidency

Present-day Igbos are charlatans and inept thinkers - Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari’s special adviser on Media, Femi Adesina, disclosed this in an opinion article he released on Friday.

Adesina wrote:

I am afraid at the degree of propaganda, ignorance and hate that young people from Eastern Nigeria in particular are feeding themselves with. If there is a major criticism I have of this government, it is that it is not doing enough to counter it.

It is all over social media and conventional media. There is hardly any Nigerian that lives in a city that does not have Igbo friends that they respect, probably admire and learn from.

However, if a large enough number of people that claim to be Igbo especially the youth insist on being obnoxious and offensive to the point of odioum, you risk compounding whatever problems you think you have in Nigeria.

Let me guess, you say: ‘give us Biafra’. Please, the Anambra man does not love the Abia or Imo man. Most of you want to treat Ebonyi people with scorn. Your problem is not a lack of Biafra or being in Nigeria, it is a lack of good social etiquette, political acumen and unwillingness to cooperate with others.

There are many Igbo people fed-up with this kind of behaviour of some of their kinsmen but they are afraid of being attacked by a blind set of marauders feeding on hate.

It is time Igbo people with enlightenment, elegance and distinction takeover the discussion on the progress and future of the Igbo. What we have right now are Charlatans and inept thinkers.