Please help! Valentine is fast-approaching and I don’t know if I should call

Please help! Valentine is fast-approaching and I don't know if I should call

From a female blog reader:

I have a boyfriend I have been dating for 5years now I knew him wen he hasn’t even gained admission into the university,he was so nice and caring to me years and years went bye we started having arguments over arguments but we eventually settles all but he gradually changed he dosent call anymore like he used too I always call but I Neva complained but one thing abt him is dat during these years he never asked me for sex he knew I.was a still a virgin that made me love more until year 2015 I decided to give Willing which he never forced me he was the first guy in my life and still the first guy, I made a promise to him this year that I will never qurral with him that I will.make amends so I started calling him on always every time until on 21 of January this year I called him in the we were having a conversation on fone I told him to hang up that I will call him back honestly speaking I forgot letter in the day he flashed me then I called him.up to 5times he was busying my calls only for me to call tru is frnd fone to hand over the fone to him,I.asked him the reason of busying my calls he told me is because I told him I will call back in the morning and I never did he never wanted to hear my reasons of not calling him then I hanged the fone on him.because I was shocked that was the only reason he was busying my calls I have to send him and SMS telling him that it was really unfair of him that he should ask the reason I never called him.back than taking laws into his hands I told him I mite be in love with him but am not stupid then he replied back saying he his not stupid either I never replied him back because I was emotionally down letter at night he called I busysed his call he only called once and since then we haven’t communicated not even calls or chat am really confused on 14th will be is birthday I don’t know if I should call him.or send him a birthday msg pls I need your advice