“Please help! She only flashes me, once in a week”

"Please help! She only flashes me, once in a week"

From a male blog reader:

Being in a relationship with the girl i want to wife made me feel i was much better and happier when i was single and wasn’t in a relationship with any one . I’m one of those guys that believe in no love thing Just have fun and go home, nothing attached. And since then it has working for me and both giving 100 percent focus on doing well in my carrier. Finally i went into a relationship with the girl i want to wife not just fuck and run as i used to do . She changed me into becoming a very much better man and more matured man , by leaving my old life style and sticking with her alone. We have had our ups and down , but we came out strong by forgiving each other no matter who was at fault. I love her because she always forgive me when i do things that was wrong. And i forgave her too even when she did something that worth leaving her. I attend to her need before my own needs and my family needs . That should tell u how i truly love my lady. I care for her , give her my time and attention , always trying to keep in touch with her because I’m not with her at the moment . I’m out of the country , and I’m planning to come back and settle with her finally in the next 5 months .. But my big issue with her which is the reason i do question her love for me is , we barely talk on the phone .As in lack of communication . We can only talk on the phone once a week or once in 2 weeks . And communication helps to keep relationship going , not to talk of when u are far away from your spouse. The worst of the matter , since i left Nigeria to my base , It’s almost 4 months i left but my girl have never recharged common 200 airtime to call me . Any-day she will call She will only flash me then i will call her back . Is not that she can’t afford the credit , because i made sure she doesn’t lack anything or money . She do tell me she loves me and she wants me to trust and believe her , but her none care altitude is questionable. Ladies in this forum do i still need to hold on to her and hoping she will change , tho i have told her about it , but I’m not seeing any change at all . I’m running out of patient . Because if she lose me she lost some body