Please Help! People Mistake My Shyness For Being Rude

The story was sent in by a worried NGLatest reader. Kindly read and drop your candid advice:

Hello people. I am a 23yr old lady seeking for a way to overcome my shyness and get views on how people deal with different personalities. Last week i was sent on a quick errand to a shop close to my apartment, after purchasing what i came for, the shop owner told me i needed to change the way i treat people and stop being a snob. She proceeded to say that the last time i came to her shop, i just came down from my car and didn’t greet anybody despite seeing a lot of people there . I became sad because this was not the first time i was getting judged unfairly, it is upsetting that people think i am a snob and arrogant while in reality i am shy and awkward; i like to think that i am a warm, peaceful person and being rude is the last thing I’d want to be intentionally doing if i could help it. …..i have never been lucky with friends so i fly solo most times

I wish i could walk into a room without attracting attention but no, people always look at me and i get panic attacks and end up behaving awkwardly and silly , being seen as a spoilt brat doesn’t help either, if Miss A forgets to say hi its fine but when i do; oh my! she thinks she is a mini god…. It is funny that i see myself as nice but awkward person while others see me as a snob and a show off, i wish people understood shy people better and stop projecting their insecurities onto things that they don’t understand, i wish people will learn to be nicer to other people instead of being so mean & ignorant

Gossips don’t normally get to me but i am tired of getting; so you are nice i thought you were arrogant speech from people , how do i cope with dis issue without losing myself ?