“Please help! Our relationship is at crossroads”

"Please help! Our relationship is at crossroads"

From a male blog reader:

 I’m getting double mind in my relationship of 8 months now though were family friends for like 8 years and am 26 while she is 20. I stay abroad and she stays home in Nigeria and studies in 300 level. We have plans of marriage and I take care of her every need not minding her parents which made her even don’t ask money from parents and calls me her second dad. On our first time of making love I found out she wasn’t virgin but she cried on that first time even as I spent 2 months in Nig b4 going bk anytime we made love she would cry like until the last 2 times we did she sexed me like a pro and I was surprised. Fast forward to days back she mistakenly told me she knows pills to avoid pregnancy which she uses with her ex and I remembered she denied knowing such things so I got upset and pushed her to tell me more thins she’s hiding and she said she had done abortion. I accepted her confession as a sign of true love but during our talks yesterday she turned against me when I told her mum after we agreed we would let her mum know to take her to church for forgiveness. She got upset because her friends whom have done abortions too told her I fucked up so she started accusing me of shaming her and that she never blame her ex that they did what they had to do in the circumstance then that i would do same if I be the boy and we should end the relationship but she later apologised and begged me not to leave her that she can’t live without me that i have brought joy into her life more than she ever felt in her life but my problems now is how sure am i she’s over with the ex and not having affairs or would even after marriage ?