“Please Help! My New Girlfriend Is Boring”

An NGLatest reader sent this in. Kindly read and drop your candid advice:

So i have this girl I’ve been dating (I want to believe) since the wee days of October last year. But that’s not the problem.
is this girl is boring. You might want to ask why I came to such
conclusion but believe me when i say she’s boring, this girl is super

We live in the same city (about 1247m according to gmaps)
apart and I’ve not been able to see her because she tells me how the
peeps she stays with which she refers to as close relatives always
questions her movement and shiiii and since we’re only dating its not
enough for her to take excuses from them to see me.

Okay, I get
it you can’t see me, this chick doesn’t chat with me like shez dating
me, she once told me that she doesn’t believe in love mayb bcoz of her
experience with her ex (my assumption) and shii. She’s not contributing
when we’re making calls, when i ask her she’ll say I’ve said it all. I
keep wondering if all I say is correct or shez not just attached to me
enough to have a decent conversation with me or its d naija girls factor
and how bad they are in holding conversation or shez just plain naive
about everything.

Not seeing her is making me mad at her that
most times we end up quarreling on whatsapp to d extent that I’ve
discontinued the use of whatsapp as a mode of conversation.

Please advise me.

Dumping her dey hungry me but i just need a little reasoning from romanceland.

Forgive my typo if any.