Please help! My lover’s attitude worries me a lot

Please help! My lover's attitude worries me a lot

From a female blog reader:

I have been with my current guy for a year now.. Were both same age and in final year uni. Hes from a rich home and takes care of his dads business and am a makeup artist not from a wealthy home.. He does his best to provide all my needs financially and soo far hes faithful as well. Unfortunately he never apreciates anything i do.. Theres always a reason for him to complain about anything i say or do.. He even told me one day during an arguement that no woman can please him not even me. He also alwas asks for a breakup whenever we argue and i do my best to talk with him and brush that of but things are getting worse.. I have never cheated on him but he doesnt trust me, giving me excuses that his past relationship wasnt a good One dats why he treats me in a certain way and dat hes scared ill leave him for someone like his ex did. Nothing is ok unless its done according to his standards.. Were almost always argueing or not talking to each other instead of enjoying our time together. Please give me ur sincere opinions am getting fed up.