“Please help! My husband impregnated another lady while I was pregnant”

"Please help! My husband impregnated another lady while I was pregnant"

From a married female blog reader:

Good morning bom, I have read a lot of stories on this platform which gave me hope that I can find answers to my problem.

I love my husband so much and he does too. But we had a crisis that broke us down financially. We have been trying to get up back.

I found out I was pregnant during this crisis but I have been warned not to have any abortion cos it would affect me in future wen I’m ready to have more kids. I have had child who Is 5yrs so we decided to keep it, now my problem is my husband cheated on me and I found out she was pregnant 2 months after I was. I asked my husband he denied in short he called me all sort of names. He told me its not true and the girl happens to be my husband ex and also his staff at the time his coy was running. I didn’t know she was my husband ex, have always had my suspicion from d beginning but he told me there was nothing because they were so close.

Now I have my baby and d girl has given birth even outside d country. But my husband is still denying..I have pictures of the baby. I’m depressed right now. I can’t seem to concentrate on my kids. The fact that he is denying is killing me. Pls how do I get him to talk, have tried every means I know it keep getting worse. My home is crumbling. I need help. He told me his closeness with her is nothing. Now she has a baby for him. Pls house help me