Please help! My husband frequently cheats and beats me

Please help! My husband frequently cheats and beats mePlease help! My husband frequently cheats and beats meFrom a female blog reader:

I need an advice.i have been married for almost 5years with a son and I will be 24yrs by December. My husband cheated on me like hell that I will always run away from the house and later come back that is after he must have said he’s sorry,he beats me like hell….the last time b4 3days ago he used knife chasing me up and down that he will kill me because he asked me not to go to the ATM and I did. He said he loves me but sometimes I doubt it especially when am When am the one always begging him to touch me and make love to me,Bom I love this guy with my life until I recently made a big mistake….I cheated on me but it was once and I regret ever doing it.I lacked attention and care from him but he found out from his spiritualist .Even though he beat me blue and black that day ,as he’s beating me he’s pouring me water so the pain can penetrate well but I feel I deserve it. In fact I deserve it coz I wouldn’t have done it no matter what. Now before he eats my food he asks me to taste it and I feel bad he’s doing that. I know I wasn’t right but I have caught him cheating on me uncountable times but I forgive immediately even during my pregnancy days when I needed him but he was…… need for that, all I want is advice on what I can do for him to forgive me, he has been feeling bad but this was exactly how I feel anytime he cheats on me. Am also scared coz he made a video of me naked which he said he will upload online. For cheating on me…. Pls I need you guys to advice me on how to save my marriage coz I love him,or should I leave but what about my son coz am jobless even though my father is a wealthy businessman I can’t tell him this so he won’t be disappointed at me and turn his back at me. My husband is a doctor and my son is 4yrs old… me guys pls thank u and God bless