Please help! My husband cheated on me and still beat me after I caught him

Please help! My husband cheated on me and still beat me after I caught himFrom a female blog reader:

I told you a story about my abroad husband few months back and how he left my three kids and I in his village with his mom. Do you guys know that my husband came back to Nigeria without my notice and lodged in a hotel in lagos with a girl for a whole week and never said anything to me? I got to know when he came back after one week through his WhatsApp. Even the lady went as far as asking him if he released inside of her cos she hasn’t seen her period. My fellow friends in the house, this is becoming unbearable for me cos I have been a faithful wife from the day i got married to this fool of a husband, I’m so confused right now cos i don’t know what to do. I approached him of course and he gave me the beatens of my life for going through his phone and telling the girls (cos they are many, even the ones he had video sex with) that he is a married man. Cos one of the girls sent him a message later telling him of how he lied to her about his Marital status cos I’m sure he told her that he was still single. My guy put the whole blame on me that I was the cause of everything and that I made him angry and blablabla. I just feel like cheating on him now cos I’m really hurting and I think that would be the only thing that will cure me right away. Pls I need your advise cos it’s very painful. I have been 100% faithful to this fool