Please help! My husband is being led astray by bad friends

Please help! My husband is being led astray by bad friendsFrom a female blog reader:

I don’t even know how to start cos the issue at hand is so serious and I wud be glad if it’s posted ASAP cos am jst waiting for my hubby for us to face wateva comes from it.
I married my husband 2013,before then he was squatting eight of his friends in his house,so wen he married me I was in my finals writing my degree exams,my mother in-law payed him a visit and asked dem all to leave his house before I come back cos she knows am jst a quiet type,so she did d eviction for me knowing d kind of son she has very stubborn.
They all left except dis his friend that is so lazy to work all he does is to play games and sleep I wud feed him and do other house chores for dis selfish human being yet he wnt appreciate it.i wud suffer and clean the house all he does is walk around the house on slippers saying that d ground makes his feet cold.i endured all dis till early 2014 I couldn’t endure dis and the most annoying thing is dat he mess up the toilet I wud sill clean it up for dis guy wen I started giving him attitude he went to report me to my hubby telling him am giving him attitude and my husband got home scolded me abt it I didn’t say anything.
Den few months later I got pregnant and my mother in-law called her son scolding asking him to send his friend away cos she is inconvenienceing me coupled with am about to put to bed and my mum would soon come.
Do you know that my husband had to pay for dis guy a house rent close to our cut the long story short he was given a job in my husband’s office and d boss is my hubby uncle.dis guy started doing ITK were my husband boss is to look good.i and my sister in-laws were against dis guy working together with him.he didn’t listen to any of us,continued hanging out with him the most annoying part is,he tells him all dat happens in our lives and families even the ones he is supposed not to tell him.he seeks for his opinion in everything he dos ignoring I his wife.everyone in d family including mine was angry with him we tried everything nothing was moving my husband to quit d relationship with the I confronted him and my husband scolded at me so badly to the extent I fainted it was with the help of our neighbor dat I was revived and dis was wen I jst put to bed.
Dis guy is so stingy he wnt spend any of his money yet he collects from my husband everyday he only spends on his girlfriends and wl still borrow from my husband to give dem wen they want to go back.he was the one dat introduced my husband into MMM and other networking and my husband will be loosing money while he gain.
My husband sister in d abroad called him telling him dat a white woman saw her and was asking if she has a brother in Nigeria, she said yes and dis woman warned her to warn the brother else someone close to him would implicate him,he was called and told everything the woman said he jst said okay.only for his colleague in the office called me asking me weda I was told about wat dis his Friend did to the boss I said no and she told me dat d guy stole from the boss I was shocked,i had to call my mother in-law to inform her and she asked me weda d guy has been sacked I said I don’t know yet,dis happened few hours ago and she said let her call d boss and I knw dat definitely she would call d son to warn him cos he refused to tell me about it.forgeting I would still find out myself.
Now am waiting for him to come home cos I knw once d mum calls him he wud knw am d one dat told her about it and wud rush home to pounce on me,so bomites and friends wat do I do cos I knw wen my husband is so angry he dos so many things and might even hit me.dis his friend is 40years old and not yet married and wnt allow me to enjoy my own marriage pls wat sud I do,am waiting for ur advice before my husband reaches home to pounce on me. Thanks family