“Please help! My girlfriend dumped me for a Yahoo guy”

"Please help! My girlfriend dumped me for a Yahoo guy"

From a male blog reader (please pardon the grammar and formatting):

Hello good morning pls post my massage I need advice from ladies and guys,i have been reading a lot of stories in your page so I think I should share mine so I can be able to get a good advice, my story goes like dis am a guy of 27 who never believe in love although girls come around me but I don’t wanna love cos am afraid of been hurt cos have been hurt several times, but I fall in love again last year with a girl of 22 who study at Ghana but she is a Nigerian, I fail in love with her the very first time I saw her, I made so open that every one around me knows I love her so dearly she stays with her siblings things is very tough for the so I become a helping hand to them I assist her in her skul and take her siblings like my own siblings,ever since we start dating I become comfortable in everything am doing I love her so much that I don’t have sex with her she knows I can do anything for her and I don’t cheat on her every since we started dating I don’t know if another girl is existing, I have issues with my friend because they said every since I have been dating her I change for so many things am doing to them everyone around me love me because am a open hearted guy I make sure she live comfortable and I don’t want her lo lack any sometime last year I travel out of the country she cried so bitterly that I felt pain in me and she said I should not forget her and I promise her I will b back for her but unfortunately things didn’t work fine I came back she started behaving strange when dis year before going back to skul she put on I don’t care attitude and I told her she behave strange if she go back she will do worst at some poin when she went back to skul she told me it is over between us I ask her want did I do wrong, what have I say wrong she said nothing but she don’t want to date me anymore, that she never plan to date me, it was a mistake she dated me that money is not love that she doesn’t love me. I cried inside of me becos she is the person I have ever have true love for. I talk to her, plead with her and even pleaded with her siblings to talk to her on my behalf she said no if I call her she will insult me and shout at me on phone.
After some time she will ask her siblings to tell me she is sorry
what she did and say to me that I don deserve all the insult she said to me. But I have already forgiven her before she her siblings we ask for forgiveness. This is the only girl I have ever love truly despite that she told me all the bad life she is living in skul abt her clubbing smoking weed and shisha but I still love her and accept her the way and I make to know is not good she is a woman dat I don’t smoke nor drink she doesn’t need that and she promise me she will stop. Most time I sit down and think that a girl who cried so bitterly when am travelling out is it the same girl doing this to me, a girl who fight her follow girls if they gossip about me is it the same girl acting this way. Despite all she does if she still call me and ask me for help I still render it to her. what is annoying me most now she don’t want to move out with a guy who is not into yahoo. Pleas I love this girl so much and she doesn’t seem to love me I try talk to her I have a bigger plan 4 her but she felt am not capable lik the yahoo!! Guy she is now hanging out with pls what should I do I need advise thanks