Please Help: My Fiance Sent Me A Troubling Message On Whatsapp

 Please Help: My Fiance Sent Me A Troubling Message On Whatsapp

A worried NGLatest reader sent this in. Kindly read and tender advice:

I have been in a relationship with a lady since March last year and all has been going smooth until a revelation popped out earlier today via our chat on whatsapp and it has been troubling my mind. 

We had a discussion about our past and after sharing series of experiences, she started begging me to forgive her for not telling me this earlier. She claims the month of February has always been a terrible month for her as it brings back some bad memories. After persuading her for a while about what the issue is, she said she was pregnant for her EX in 2013 and she didn’t know until it resulted in a terrible sickness which led to her been rushed to an hospital where the doctor confirmed she is 5 months pregnant. She said the doctor recommended surgery to terminate the pregnancy because the baby was in her right fallopian tube instead of her womb.

She confirmed to me that her right fallopian tube has been removed while all she has now is her womb and left tube. she claims the doctor told her she can only have a maximum of 3 kids when ready due to the surgery. I acted like everything is fine so as not to hurt her feelings any further but i’m seriously disturbed by this. This is someone i love so much and i intend getting married to later this year. 

I need advices on what to do next as i am confused right now. What are the implications of having any of the tubes removed? would it affect fertility or child bearing in marriage? Do you think i should move on with my life and look for someone else as i cannot determine the level of damages that has happened to her reproductive system? Kindly drop your comments.