“Please help! My elder brother got influenced by bad friends”

"Please help! My elder brother got influenced by bad friends"

From a blog reader:

This is not a relationship issue but pls post ASAP. I have an elder brother that is almost 8yrs older than me.. I love him so much.
He’s smart, talented, loving, n was determined.. All of a sudden everything he does now is just upside down… He smokes, drinks , has tattoos… The main issue now are is friends , he is d type that he easily get influenced by friends be it good or bad.. He is now an addict … He does things that you wouldn’t even think he could ever do … Right now he is pursuing music but I’m scared cause he is going through d wrong direction … My parent are worried about what to do . He lives in his house now though but still comes home wen he needs money and my dad’s car . My parent are planning to take him to a rehab but I’m not sure if its the best decision because we know we can’t let him know about it and I’m also not sure if my parent knows how to go about it my dad is in his early 70s … Pls is there any psychologist in the house that can help or tell us how to go about it … Will be waiting for your comments. I know by the grace of God we’ll find solution to his problem .
P. S : No insult pls …. I don’t pray anyone goes through what we are going through right now.