“Please help! My boyfriend wants to date two of us”

"Please help! My boyfriend wants to date two of us"

From a confused blog reader:

Please I need your advice, I met my boyfriend on I.G,(at dah moment i was in a relationship dah wasn’t too serious)we started up at just being friends, we shared most of our problems and secret with each other, I started developing feelings for him n I felt he did too buh couldn’t ask me out cause I just broke up with my Ex so I had to take the initiative and we started even tho we haven’t really met(cause his in a different country),I felt strong bond and connection between the both of us,he always make out time to call,text,chat me up and most of the time we facetime, I felt like he is my soul mate and we were meant to be cause I’ve never been soo in love or addicted to someone before. Recently he decided to come to Nigeria so we could get to meet n know each other very well, meeting him got me even more addicted to him, about few months ago,we had a little misunderstanding (we normally do at times) buh this time, he went to his Ig page and posted a pic of him and a girl…As a human being I was angry and jealous not cause of the pic tho buh cause he hasn’t for a day posted me on his social Media,he always gives excuses about keeping somethings private and personal which I don’t take serious too….I had to ask him who the girl was and that was were our problems started,can’t give the full details of the conversation buh the girl happened to be his ex,To him they have been together before the both of us started, they had some issues buh didn’t really breakup so now they got back together and he said his finding it difficult to breakup with her and can’t breakup with me either cause his more into me unlike the other girl which I find difficult to believe…..Am so in love with him that I don’t care sharing him with the other girl buh the thought just keeps on hurting me even tho he keeps on apologizing and he always make out time for me( I wouldn’t believe he had someone else if he didn’t admit it himself) cause he always treats me like am the only one…..Am just confused on what to do if I should continue the relationship or how I’ll make the love I have for him less… I also feel like its my fault cause I should have waited for him to ask me out