“Please help! My boyfriend has a very bad habit”

"Please help! My boyfriend has a very bad habit"

From a distressed female blog reader:

My problem is kind of serious. My boyfriend has a very bad habit, he scratches his penis and ball in public, not really scratch but he just rubs it. If he is watching tv you will see his hands inside his boxers rubbing his dick, if he is eating same thing, when he wants to sleep he does same thing and it’s getting to me badly. Even when we sit out, you will see him doing it under the table, and he gets carried away just like a little child that is sucking her finger or tongue. I have spoken to him, most times I see him do that I just give him a blow job and sex him but he will still do it before sleeping. I hear he does it in his work place too and people already mock him. And when he does this u will see his dick rising and swelling so it always seem like he is honey all the time. Can I marry this kind of man, he does not have any infection it just a bad habit.,how can I make him stop ? Help me