“Please help! My boyfriend flirts and cheats a lot”

"Please help! My boyfriend flirts and cheats a lot"

From a female blog reader:

Please I really need you to help me post this because I am in a dilemma and I do not want to do something I will regret. I have been in a relationship for 2 years and some months and this guy is the best boyfriend ever and he loves me so much. The problem is he is a flirt. This is a big problem because I have zero trust in him,even though I love him so much. This issue is weakening our relationship because I hate the fact that he flirts. Bom I really don’t want to lose him but I am sad inside
I know I am the only one he loves,everyone knows this, then why does he have to flirt? I don’t just understand
Now I can’t do without checking his phone and I always see him flirting. Recently he decided that we should lock our phones, since that will prevent me from checking it and being sad. He claims because he is a PR,he knows a lot of girls and there are some chats he has to have that might hurt me. Bom how is this supposed to help me trust him? He adores me,infact he can go through anything for me but this problem is eating me up. I am thinking of breaking up with him,but I also feel it is not a wise thing to do I am very loyal and honest,I tell him about every guy that approaches me cos I can’t help it. If I can flirt like him,I will but I am not that type of person believe me I have tried. Guys please advice me, I really need help. I can’t talk to my friends, they already feel we are too close