Please help! My boyfriend dumped me even though he is at fault

Please help! My boyfriend dumped me even though he is at faultFrom a female blog reader:

So I live in the UK, I was introduced to this guy but I didn’t find him attractive so I told him I wasn’t interested. He persuaded me for 2yrs & I agreed to get to know him, I began to like him my friends & my mum thought he’s a nice guy & I should give him a shot. He was romantic & caring, we’d go on dates etc. Took me to see his family. Everyone liked me. I’d tell him what clothes & colours looks good on him. I supported him with his personal & hygiene care. Which wasn’t great. We were together for 1 &half yrs. I fell in love with him.then he changed he’d get irritated with me won’t speak to me as much. & would end things everytime we’d argue & he’d come & beg for me back. Twice this happened. I was a bit hesitant with everything cause he wasn’t sweet & caring anymore although he’d fix whatever I tell him I’m upset about. He came to see my family & we were planning for our wedding. On his birthday he got Angry with me & refused to accept my gifts for him. He told me he’s done & I found out he has been sexting & requesting for nude pics from this girl all the time we were together & he didn’t even apologise when I told him he said he’s had enough of the relationship. I wasn’t listening to him, he needed to settle down & he was In a CAGE & needed freedom to love me & if is from God it will stand.
He never listened to my advice or opinions. Is whatever he says that goes. Why is he so cruel? I was caring, loving, the sweeter gf. Sex was hot. I go to the gym to keep my body hot. A good girl. What do men want? How can he want to settle down when he was doing that behind my back? What does he mean he was in a cage? How do I move on from this? My heart is shattered. Girls have you been there? Share your stories please. I don’t want to speak to him. I’m in pieces here.