“Please help! My boyfriend changed overnight”

"Please help! My boyfriend changed overnight"

From a female blog reader (ignore the grammatical blunders, dearies):

God bless u admin fr saving lives. I hv a serious problem I’ve been battling with buh due to sm reasons I cnt tell anyone cos they all see it to be perfect buh deep inside I knw wat I’m goin through. I’ve been in a r’ship wid dis guy fr 3 years. At first everything seemed perfect. Even when I’m at fault nd I hang up on him he wl call bck apolosing buh tinx changed, he doesn’t apologize anymore wen he’s at fault . He was the one that deflowered me nd I’ve neva had sex wid anyone apart frm him. I got so much attached to him that the little tin he does to mi I bcom hurt. When we talk of true luv, yes I love him vry mch. I neva cheated on him buh ve caught him on several occasions cheating on mi he wl deny then I jxt forget. I’m nah a money type I dnt ask him fr money bcos I knw he’s nah wrkn. I’ve been through tin nd tick wid dis guy buh I see he still doesn’t appreciate anything I do fr him. Yea I know he loves mi too buh he has really changed these days. The little thing he will bcom angry I wl jxt keep quite wen he’s tlkn nd If I see it’s goin far I hang up. I knw he loves mi buh he has really changed these days. When he calls mi nd it’s call waiting, wahala I’m really dying inside I love him soo mch. Everybody wish to b lyk us wen dey see us buh I only know wat I’m going through. I dnt collect anything from him cos I knw his condition nd I knw if he’s dne schooling, he wl provide fr mi. He’s nah a stingy type thou. The girls in his class re jealous of me they wish they were dating him buh trust mi he has really changed. I’ve talked to him on several occasions buh fr lyk 2 weeks we wl b cul nd the nxt week we wl b fighting nd sayn all sort of things to ourselves. I really feel ashamed wen we fight nd say all sort of stupid things nd we cm together again. I really want to quit this relationship cos I might loose myself sm day there r other rich guys out there chasing mi buh I dnt gv heed to them. I wish we go our separate ways buh I cnt. I want to move on cos the fighting is too mch fr mi… please brothers and sisters I really need ur advice. I’m dying inside.