“Please help me decide on who to marry”

"Please help me decide on who to marry"

From a female blog reader:

Please hide my identity Firstly, i am a very young girl (19) from a very good christian home. The thing is my parents want me to marry early and i also buy the idea. Getting married at 22 is the maximum age on my mind. I have two guyz right now. The first one is a christian ,working(in a very good place),and he smokes nd drinks a lot but still in school and the second one is also an undergraduate, a muslim , very responsible, doesnt drink or smoke. Im kind of confused on who to choose.. Should i choose a christian who would be accepted at home but smokes and drinks or a muslim who wont be accepted but is very responsible and has a promising future? Or should i just leave them?? PS: im an undergraduate in 300 level