Please help! The man that wants to marry me is 23 years older than me

Please help! The man that wants to marry me is 23 years older than meFrom a female blog reader:

I must commend the work you’ve been doing , keep up the good work. I am a 23 year old girl , my boyfriend is 46,he doesn’t look it at all, I mean he’s so young at heart and doesn’t act old at all ,he is such an amazing person, cares for me and everyone around me genuinely, he really wants to marry me and I’m a bit scared because of age difference, he treats me like a queen , he doesn’t put it to my face that he’s older than me by far, like when you see us , you know he’s a great guy and won’t even believe his age. he respects me too. I know he loves me genuinely and I love him like crazy too! Our connection is mad , the sex is mad , our gists, everything is so special. I mean ,he has his flaws, but they are things I can live with and work on, he is not married , never been married and has no kids. I always think about the future like , is the sex going to be great later on after many years of marriage ? In twenty years time how old would he be and how old would I be ? I know after having children this won’t be an issue again but for now I’m really thinking , I don’t want to regret anything. But to be honest , he is the best guy I have ever been with , the besttttttttestttt if there is a word like that. He wants to settle down next year and I haven’t even gotten my life together just yet. I mean I want to be a supportive wife. I haven’t told my mum yet because I’m scared she might be skeptical because of the age difference, but he is someone I really really love. There is no big issue with him except for this age , please what do you mature minds think?