Please help! I’ve slept with so many guys

Please help! I've slept with so many guys

From a female blog reader:

Please help me I have no one to talk to. I’m too ashamed to have let my friends and family down. My body count has been giving me sleepless nights. I never slept around I just ended up falling for wrong guys and before I realized it was a high number. Should I give up on love? Would any decent guy want me?I’m just a young girl about to start life ( graduating the university soon), and I messed up too early. How will I know when the right guy comes? I tried concentrating on myself after I broke up about two years ago and when I thought I found “the one” it was another story and now I’m scared.I’m scared the next person i give a chance might not be right. I tried going back to my exes because I didn’t want a higher number. I just want a decent guy who would look beyond the mistakes I made and love me for the person I am .Would that be possible? How do I overcome my guilt ?Please I need advice.