“Please help! It’s obvious my girlfriend of 7 years is cheating”

"Please help! It's obvious my girlfriend of 7 years is cheating"

From a male blog reader:

Am a great fan of your page.You doing a great job.Please kindly post and keep me anonymous.

Been dating my girlfriend for about 7years now.I know her family and she knows mine.Infact,my mum has taken her as her own daughter because she loves her a lot.Of recent,have been having trust issues with her.All of a sudden,she told me she doesn’t want us to have sex anymore till our wedding night.

At first I was against it but I later agreed to let her know am not dating her because of sex.Now whenever she travels,our communication drops.Most especially at night.Its either her phone is switched or she doesn’t pick.When she calls the following day,her excuse would be there was no light to charge her phone or she slept off.Normally when she is home,we talk at night everyday before going to bed.

She travelled days ago to school to get something.She told me she was going to sleep at her church.She chatted me up some mins past 8 in the night that was off to bed which is unlike her(she doesn’t sleep until 10 or 11).I called her when I saw the chat,she didn’t pick.She was to come back home the following day but she didn’t and she never called me all through the day which is also unlike.

I just want to ask if it’s what am thinking.Is she cheating on me?What do I do?Please,i really do need your advice because I have picked her calls for sometime.Want to know if am overreacting because I feel she is taking our relationship for granted