“Please help! It looks like my dad is cheating on mum”

"Please help! It looks like my dad is cheating on mum"
This is a true life experience of a blog reader who lacks courage to confront her dad over his infidelity. Read and drop your candid advice. Thanks.

I’m writing you with a depressed heart and full mind.I’m totally confused. It looks like everything is crumbling right in front of me. I am 23 years old.

This is my story; I grew up in a house where domestic violence was the other of the day. Various instances when my mum was sent packing, one way or the other she came back. The main reason for the fight was because my dad was always sleeping around. My mum had several miscarriages. I was the one who really witnessed these because my siblings were not always home. After I went to the uni, and it seems everything is perfect. not until recent when I noticed just a particular name calling my dad ,his fb account is full of photos tagged by the woman, their chats are always like lovers chats. This is when my depressed mind started.

I went to Lagos with my dad we had to lodge ,den about 10 pm I went to collect the car keys, to my surprise I saw this woman on his bed. I told my brother but he said since he can’t bring the woman home that means she isn’t important.

Now I found myself in the woman house,my dad was so relaxed as if he is at home. This woman even calls me aunty and does all these yoruba respects things. I can’t tell my mom because I know this will destroy almost three decades marriage. And still I’m not in my right sense again, I have unnecessary headache and high blood pressure.

Why is my dad doing his cheating act to my face? So confused; I feel my mum is being cheated on.can’t overlook because that option isn’t working. Please help..