“Please help! I’m too jealous and it’s affecting my life”

"Please help! I'm too jealous and it's affecting my life"

From a blog reader:

Let me go straight to the point. Jealousy is killing me and it’s making me feel very uncomfortable. I’m not jealous of other peoples success or what so ever, my own kind of jealousy is relationship based, I can’t stand my girlfriend chatting and smiling to her phone, I can’t stand her standing and chatting with a guy for more than 2minutes. I know this is wrong at least if u want to be jealous, not to this extent that why I’m seeking help. Have gone through a lot of write ups on how to handle jealousy but it isn’t helping at all. It’s so bad to the extent my girlfriend cannot open up to me on issues involving guys or even my friends. Please I need help.