Please help! I’m too envious of people

Please help! I'm too envious of people

From a female blog reader:

I think I have a problem.
I envy people a lot, even those am better than. I always want to have what they have,and be superior over them.
I have basically slept with all my friends boyfriends, including few of my friends husbands, I just wanted to have what they made mouth with. I envy those who buy new cars or cloths and I hate and pick on them. I just hate to see people progress around me. I need help, I have spoken to my pastor about it but he keeps saying pray pray but I keep getting worse .
I do not know why I envy others, am very comfortable and beautiful myself but I just keep hating on people. I can’t even keep a relationship because I will always want what others have so I cheat a lot just to satisfy that want and desire .
I need help please .