“Please help! I’m tired of searching for a lover”

"Please help! I'm tired of searching for a lover"

From a female blog reader:

Where are all the mature ladies in Lagos? They have to be somewhere. My story goes thus: I moved back to Nigeria about 6 months ago and just finished setting up my business and by His Grace, things are going well. The issue I’m having now is that most ladies I meet are way too young and their rhyme or reasoning is light years away from normal. Half the ones I meet can’t string a complete sentence together without sounding like FALZ and the other half don’t have a clue about where they are going in life. There have to be ladies out there over 30 looking for something real. I’m so bored in Lagos and have been reserved to meeting people so I do not meet a chicken head again. The last girl I met wanted to go to school and later said she wanted a phone. Not that i cannot afford both but then I asked her to choose one. This girl chose the phone…I told her well, all I am willing to pay for is the school and when she gets in and Doing well, I might think about getting her a phone. She got upset and told me to hold my money which I did. I work hard during the week. I am not a night owl and prefer spending my free time with that special “mature” someone. Now, my schedule is go to work, come back home to an empty house…went to church today alone…instead of heading out for Sunday brunch with that someone, I am home now watching TV. I see ladies at church but they ignore but once they see me as the owner of the car. (I drive a unique car), they start to smile and form familiarity and I can smell bull crap a mile away. Am I asking for too much?