“Please help! I took a herb and my manhood became too big!”

"Please help! I took a herb and my manhood became too big!"

From a male blog reader:

Please help me my dick is too long and fat .
I use to have a very normal dick, but I started this sugar mummy business and I needed to satisfy this women, so I took one herb like this from one malam and since then my dick has been massive. I have making serious money because every lady wanted to have a taste of me. I enjoyed myself and still continued taking the drugs, not until it got out of hand. I my dick kept growing long and long I had to rush to a doctor and they ran all the test and said am very ok. Am not feeling any pain but the dick won’t stop growing . I have gone back to the malam but he said he can’t reduce only increase. I have also stopped the herbs but still this thing keeps growing . Please anybody in the house who can recommend anything for me? Am dying help .