“Please Help! I Think I’ve Made My Husband-to-be Impotent”

"Please Help! I Think I've Made My Husband-to-be Impotent"

This e-mail is a chilling true life experience of a lady (a frequent NGLatest reader) who apparently thinks something she did out of insecurity has made her husband impotent. She needs your advice more than anything. Let’s all keep it civil, dearies; no abuses and insults.

Let’s go:

I am really concerned here. It happened 6 months ago. I was jealous. I would make this short and brief.

8 Months ago, my fiance and i, went to a dinner party somewhere on the Island in Lagos. Then there was this girl he met and claimed she was his old friend in school. They really exchanged pleasantries so much that i felt jealous. He completely migrated his attention from me to her. They hugged and all sorts.

Driving back home, i told him i wasnt comfortable with it. He was angry and he said i am too insecure that if i don’t want him to talk to females because he is engaged to me i should say it. I felt embarrassed and sad like i wasn’t mature. So i let it go. But days later i discovered they have been chatting, seeing each other and other stuff. He told me one day that he was traveling to Abuja to collect his Passport at the Immigration office that he wont be around for a few days. But 2 days later my friend and i were chatting and i told her i’m missing my baby and she was like ‘Isnt he around’? And i said he traveled then she told me that he has been in their building for a few days that he leaves at night. And when i went to my friend place he wasn’t there but i met this girl he claim is his old friend. She also lives in that building so he was seeing her and lied to me. Iw as hurt so i went online on facebook to rant then an Indian Lady sent me a PM telling me she can fix it.

She gave me her number to call her. Her voice sounded like a 12 year old girl but i just played along. She told me that she can prepare a cake for me that would make my relationship ok. She said the cake cost small money but she will send me the cake first and collect her money. She sent the ingredients of the cake to me via DHL as i received it 2 weeks later after saying Yes to her since i won’t pay until i receive it. I felt i have nothing to loose. I followed the directions and baked the cake. She told me to say somethings in india language on the cake and eat the cake. I did. I was ok. My fiance had already returned from Abuja(As he claimed). I pretended all is well. After i had eaten the cake, the next night, my fiance and I had sex. I fell in love with him again but for some reasons(Work, stress, etc) we both abstained from sex since then for 6 months. We never attempted it. So last week when we tried again as our wedding is coming up very soon. He couldn’t even do anything! He was impotent. We went to a doctor and he was confirmed impotent. My mother said she did some fasting and her pastor said someone spell him with charm(I remembered the cake thing). Doctor examination showed he was impotent for the past 6 months(When i did the cake stuff) we just didn’t notice.

Please it has been 6 months i have lost contact with the India lady on facebook. She did not reply my message. Seems she is no longer on facebook i don’t know and i have lost her number too. It is long ago please what can i do? I am scared of going to church with my family and his own as im sure the pastor will know it was me. Any help?