“Please help! I suspect she cheated and infected me with STD”

"Please help! I suspect she cheated and infected me with STD"

From a male blog reader:

Straight to my story. Hve bein dating dis lady going to 8years now. We started d relationship wen we were both in university I was in 200 while she was in 100 den. The journey has bein a smooth one. Even till now we are still together planning our wedding by Dec. I met her as a virgin and I disflowered her. Recently she came visiting and we had sex. So I took her to do test and I did test as regards our wedding preparation and her test shows she is having ecoli and staph infection and she has infected me with staph. And besides I discovered anytime we had sex and I released semen in her d spam comes out immediately. Several times it has happened. I did test also to confirm my manhood and ability to impregnate and my test confirmed positive that am ok. My worry now Is what is her chances of getting pregnant if semen dosent stay in her body.. and what can be d cause of d infection cos to my best of knowledge she dosent cheat neither hve other person except me. I will be waiting for responses from pple thank you.