“Please help! I suspect my new guy is stingy and commanding”

"Please help! I suspect my new guy is stingy and commanding"

From a blog reader:

I enjoy reading your stories, it’s quite entertaining and educating, tnx for this platform. I’ll like to be anonymous. I met this guy through a friend close to 3months now he was trying to match make us cz we are both single, the guy and I kept in touch we chat and talk for hours on the phone when we call each other, the connection btw us is cool, he’s a quite person naturally but when we talk he opens up to me and it’s like we’ve known each other for years, but i’m worried about something he talks to me like we are dating already, for instance saying I shouldn’t talk to any guy that he is covering me from afar so guys wont approach me and stuffs, he calls me his love or baby those kinda things but he hasn’t officially asked me out we’ve met physically abt 5times, including going to his house twice(he stays alone) but when I go to his house he is just there, we’ve not done anything (romance, kissed or any sort) and at the end of my visits I expect he offers to give me tfare but he doesn’t, mind you going to his house with public transport i’ll enter 3buses and 2bikes, then coming back the same thing his house is very far from me. I’m scared if he is stingy, secondly I don’t know where I stand with him, the last time i went to his house I wanted to bring it up to ask but the moment didn’t come I don’t want to sound desperate and most pple say guys would do the chasing and all but I also don’t want to waste my resources and time on someone i’m not sure of but I really like him, he shows me signs like giving excuses at work that he is not well so we could see on my off day, he chases me indirectly too, calls me almost everyday sometimes morning and night when he is back from work. Which brings me to this question, how does a lady know that a guy is really into her? And what should I do so our friendship would have a definition cz I don’t know if we are dating or friends? Thank y’all i’ll be reading comments,