“Please help! I suspect my girlfriend is cheating after she did this”

"Please help! I suspect my girlfriend is cheating after she did this"

From a male blog reader:

I have been thinking of what to do as she has changed from whom I used to know. I really do love her. It amazes me of how I could be so calm and quiet with issues like this. We live in the same country but recently we barely see. For 3 or 4 weeks to be precise we haven’t seen. She’s always giving me stories that she’s either sick or She’s hanging out with her “Female friends” as she would say! This all started after my reactions when she told me she was pregnant. To be honest, I calmly told her baby we can’t have a child now because I still have somethings I need to settle. Few days after that day, she saw her periods. Then she called me and said she was disappointed at my reactions to it.

Now the problem is that I feel that she’s seeing someone else and they are always lodging in hotels over the weekends. The other day a friend showed me her snaps she was in a hotel, then I called her. Asked her where she was but she lied saying she’s at her girlfriend’s crib. The other day she came over to my house then at night I woke her up asking her where she has been she surprisingly shouted saying I don’t trust her so I calmed her down and then apologized.
Im losing it to a point that I could break up with her then get everything I gave her including the house she’s living and the car she’s driving. I don’t want to make such mistake. To be honest I don’t know of she’s cheating as I am yet to confirm but my instincts tells me she is. Please  family advise me!