“Please help! I slept with my friend’s wife and my wife slept with my friend”

"Please help! I slept with my friend's wife and my wife slept with my friend"

From a confused blog reader:

Am a perfect gentle man and I don’t like being insulted please.
I slept with my friends wife by mistake when I was drunk,long story but I was not with my senses when I did that and I regretted it deeply, which made me avoid the lady till date.
Now this same my friends wife showed me evidence few days ago that my own wife is sleeping with her husband which I have confirmed and it’s very true. I have been drinking away my sorrows since I found out,I have also been asking my self questions if it’s karma hunting me.I know I did not cheat on my wife deliberately and I regretted my actions. I have not been able to confront her because my mind makes me guilty of same sin.
I know I might be forced to hit her if I get into a discussion with her.
And deep down inside my heart the marriage is over.
Should I face my fears by walking away ?
Or should I play her game and keep cheating with my friends wife since she is cheating with my friend ?
I just want to reduce the pain,it’s too heavy and am becoming a drunk.
I can’t tell anyone this am so ashamed of both myself and herself.
Bless you all for your great ideas .