“Please help! I recently put to bed and now my husband no longer loves me”

"Please help! I recently put to bed and now my husband no longer loves me"

From a female blog reader:

Pls post my story as im completely lost and i need advise..i hope my story doesnt bore your readers and is not too long,here goes!
Im married with a young child but my home is falling apart, after i had my child i was away for omugwo as my mother cldnt come over to our place,i spent 2mnths only for me to come back home and my husband is no longer whom i use to know,things Hve deteriorated to the point where we cNt even have a proper couple conversations,any and everything i do seem to irritate Nd upset him,its almost like he cant stand my presence,any little issue we have he resorts to calling me stupid and al sorts,i wont lie there was a time i also cldnt stand the sight of him but ive gone past that but it seems like ive lost him completely,he leaves home early in the morning and comes back late at night,monday to sundays,and when he leaves he doesnt even call or text to check up on us,when he gets back he goes straight to bed almost immediately,when i try to start conversations and ask how his day went he says thats not how to make conversations yet if i dont he also wont mKe efforts to talk,ive just started a small business on the side and i know you ppl will say i shd focus on that and my child but how easy is it to be married yet pretend to be single and pls dont say i shd watch warroom because i have and sometimes my spirit n soul is so down that i cant even get up to pray,when i look at him he says i shd stop looking at him,when i ask questions he raises his voice,sometimes when i doubt if he still has feelings for me and ask he says why shd i ask him such questions,he cant willingly tell me he loves me,there was a time i was worried abt him having someone else and i asked him,he said and i quote “if you dont trust me thats your problem”…i had to leave a whooole out to avoid being too long,please help me,how do i get my home in order before it becomes unsalvageable..and let me know when you post for your readers so i can see their opinions and advise.